Phase Two Reopening

Great news-- the church will be moving into a modified second phase beginning tomorrow!

The special committee has approved the implementation of the second phase of our reopening plan starting the first Sabbath of April, with some modifications which includes:

  • Vaccinated elderly can be allowed to join Sabbath services.
  • Maximum of 75 individuals can congregate in the building-- to accommodate 50 seats in the sanctuary and 25 seats in the fellowship hall.
  • Communion service is allowed - no foot washing, just distribution of bread and wine.
  • Baptism is allowed but must adhere to strict precautions.
  • Sabbath scripts will only be provided to participants and crew members.
  • Screening will be done electronically and/or through phone calls.

Those who would like to attend in-person tomorrow morning must complete the Online Screening Questionnaire prior to your arrival at church.

To view the complete Reopening Guidelines, just click the links below:

Fil-Am Capital Reopening Guidelines

Online Screening Questionnaire